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FIFA 16 Leagues Vote – Ukraine Still on Top

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FIFPlay published today the latest survey report on FIFA 16 leagues vote and Ukraine is still on top of the list.

There are 2,653,968 votes dropped by FIFA fans for their favourite leagues. FIFA 15 fans voted for these country leagues in the hope to see them playable in the coming FIFA 16 game.

FIFPlay FIFA 16 League Survey is open since October 2014 and will be closed by end of August 2015, aiming to encourage EA Sports in order to add winning leagues to the FIFA game.

FIFA 16 vote for leagues is available at

Spottis Link –

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PES 2016 UEFA Champions League

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UEFA Champions League PES 2016

A great news for PES fans! FIFPlay announced that Konami has extended its agreement with UEFA for another 3 years to include UEFA competitions in upcoming PES games, including PES 2016.

Hence, PES series will exclusively feature iconography and presentation elements associated with UEFA’s major club competitions, including UEFA Champions League and UEFA Europa League, which will be allowed to feature as both individual modes and within a larger season overview. UEFA Super Cup will also feature within Master League mode.

PES 2016 will have UEFA Champions League and Europa League and the host stadiums of the UEFA Champions League and Europa League, which were both included in PES 2015.

To get the latest on PES and FIFA 2016, go to

Sources: FIFPlay, Footballtainment

PES 2016 First News

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PES 2016

FIFPlay published the very first news of PES 2016 game – PES 2016 will feature Neymar Jr. as its lead cover star – The article is available here:

The official announcement of PES 2016 will be coming out on June 12. will cover all the latest and assets of PES 2016 on coming Friday, June 12. To follow the latest on PES 2016, go to

There is a trailer of PES 2016 announcing Neymar as cover star @

PES 16

Brazil Back on Top of FIFA 16 Leagues Vote

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FIFA 16 Brazil League

FIFPlay today rolled out the latest weekly report on their FIFA 16 leagues survey, Brazilian League is back to the first place, followed by Ukraine and Israel.

Currently, over 1,700,000 votes have been dropped by FIFA fans in this voting poll. Brazil has been removed in FIFA game since FIFA 15 due to licensing issue between EA Sports and Brazilian Football Federation.

FIFA fans hope that they can see Brazilian FIFA players in upcoming EA Sports FIFA 16 game which will be released in September 2015.

Here is the latest results from FIFPlay’s FIFA 16 vote:

  • Brazilian League – (8%, 141,678 Votes)
  • Ukrainian League – (8%, 141,468 Votes)
  • Israeli League – (8%, 140,194 Votes)
  • Thai League – (6%, 104,449 Votes)
  • Iranian League – (6%, 101,636 Votes)
  • Hungarian League – (5%, 93,333 Votes)
  • German 3rd League – (5%, 86,864 Votes)
  • Indian League – (5%, 85,988 Votes)
  • Malaysian League – (4%, 73,357 Votes)
  • Greek League – (4%, 70,550 Votes)

To see the full details of the poll and the complete list of countries, go to

The voting continues at FIFPlay at URL

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FIFA 16 Vote – Results on Apr 21

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FIFPlay published the latest results on FIFA 16 leagues survey for week 27 (April 21, 2015).

Israel is leading the vote currently with having 110,256 Votes. In the second place, Ukrainian League got 9% of total votes (109,690 votes). Brazilian League has 8% with 102,128 number of votes.

Here is the latest top 10 list:

01 – Israeli League
02 – Ukrainian League
03 – Brazilian League
04 – Hungarian League
05 – Thai League
06 – Malaysian League
07 – Greek League
08 – Indian League
09 – Czech League
10 – German 3rd League

To see the details and number of votes dropped for each country, go to

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What are the Essential WordPress Plugins?

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Wordpress Plugins

After installing WordPress on your blog or website you will still need to work on it to make it more secure and safe. Here is a list of type of WP plugins you would need to install – Suggested by Memtis:

– Anti-spamming Plugins
– Security Plugins
– Backup/Optimization Plugins
– Caching Plugins
– Statistics Plugins
– SEO/Online Marketing Plugins
– Social-bookmarking Plugins

These plugins are available for free at WordPress Plugin section. To install them, login to your Dashboard, go to Plugins > Add New and search for them.

Memtis Blog has explained all the details and features of these plug-ins which you can red it here:

Memtis Blog is a tech blog by Memtis Company writing How-to and IT related articles and topics for SME, startups and hi-tech people.


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